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Barack Obama makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

Kabul, May 26 (): President Barack Obama gave a surprise visit to Afghanistan on Sunday. He thanked the US forces who are finishing up their 13-year mission; the move signals the President’s intention on when and how to let the soldiers to come home.

The visit of Barack Obama to Afghanistan has also made it obvious that US will probably sustain a limited part in Afghanistan even after its warfare mission is completed this year and the longest war of America comes to an end.

The details about taking up of most of the military operations may be conveyed by Obama this week. The details will also include the small number of troops that would be left in Afghanistan later this year to assist train the local forces and also to conduct counter-terrorism processes.

Obama arrived at the main U.S. base in Afghanistan, the Bagram Air Field. He was there for about four hours but he did not give a visit to Kabul, to meet the President of Afghan, Hamid Karzai, who has had a tumultuous relationship with the White House.

The US President spoke to the troops assembled in an airplane hangar on an extensive military base. He said that a crucial point had been reached in their war mission as the Afghan forces are taking primary responsibilities to uphold the security of their country.

To the gathering, he said that many of 32,800 forces of US now staying in Afghanistan would leave the country in coming months, but a continued military force would be present in Afghanistan to help protect the advances made in the country during their nearly 13 years of fighting.

Obama declared after all sacrifices they had made, they wanted to maintain the improvements that they had helped make and that they were going to ensure that Afghanistan could never again be used to launch a terror attack against their country.

Nearly 2,181 U.S. military members have died and more than thousands have been wounded in the Afghan war that happened roughly for 13 years.