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Tamil Nadu parties may boycott Modi’s swearing-in

Chennai/ Mumbai, May 22 (): Modi’s diplomacy has created a storm in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. It has also made Congress take a jibe at Modi on this issue.

BJP allies especially Vaiko is fuming as Sri Lankan (SL) President Rajapakse has been invited to attend the swearing-in ceremony of Modi as PM. SL consulate in Chennai has confirmed that their President is coming to Delhi to attend the function. Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif is coming for the function, Shiva Sena has asked Modi to cancel his invite.

The State BJP’s leader and MP Radhakrishnan says that Modi is looking for friendly relations with the neighbours. Modi will definitely ensure that Tamils in SL are treated well and rehabilitated, says Radhakrishnan.

Vaiko says that the NDA and successive UPA governments did not invite SL President to the swearing-in ceremony. Modi government has for the first time invited SAARC countries – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Nepal and Bhutan are other countries invited by Modi. Vaiko says that invitation to SL is equal to accepting that the SL army did not commit genocide. UN Human Rights Commission has said that it would send a probe panel to Sri Lanka. It has rejected it saying that it was interference in the domestic issue.

Yesterday, Rajapakse in a function at Shangai attended by UN secretary-general said so in his speech. All the NDA allies in Tamil Nadu have voiced their protest and might not attend the swearing-in ceremony. Jayalalithaa is to follow suit. This has come as music to DMK since it was painted as being soft on Congress regarding the SL issue.

Shiva Sena, an ally of BJP in Maharashtra has won a substantial number of seats. It was always against anything to do with Pakistan. So far it has been targeting Congress for being soft on Pakistan. Now it is finding itself pitted against BJP.

Modi during his campaign said that after an Indian soldier was beheaded by Pak soldiers, India hosted a dinner to Sharif during his private visit to India. Modi said that Congress served chicken biryani to Sharif.

Now, Shashi Tharoor tweeted asking if Modi is going to serve biryani to Sharif. Omar Abdullah, J&K CM an ally of Congress and the State opposition leader Mahooboba have hailed Modi for inviting Pak Premier. More separatist groups in Kashmir might welcome Modi on this issue.