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AAP vote share more than DMK and others

New Delhi/Chennai/Hyderabad, May 20 (): AAP vote share in the Lok Sabha polls is more than the DMK, NCP, Shiv Sena, BJP, JDU and TRS.

It was washed out in Delhi but the voter share compared to the Assembly polls increased. Similarly, first time entrant was YSR Congress. YSR Congress has a vote share of 2.5 % while AAP stood at 2%. These two parties, contesting Lok Sabha elections got 1 crore votes each.

YSR Congress vote share is significant as it contested only in undivided Andhra compared to AAP contesting 400 seats. The regional parties which had a less vote share than AAP and TRS had contested only in their States and TDP like YSR Congress contested only in Andhra and yet got 29.1 %.

AIADMK is the only regional party contesting in 40 seats recorded a 44.4% vote share and that too without allies. BJP vote share was around 31 % and Congress 19%. AAP won four and YSR nine seats.

Even though vote shares of Shiv Sena, NCP ,BJD are less than AAP and YSR, its tally of seats are more as it has been in alliance. YSR ranks 10th and AAP is 11th. The dismal performance in number of seats has come in for criticism. Those who contested the election in seats outside and in Delhi said the public felt that AAP quitting ministry was seen as an act of cowardice.

The public felt it should have delivered poll promises. Many candidates who put in their own money felt cheated as Aravind Kejriwal did not come to canvass votes. The decision to quit the ministry was taken by Kejriwal and Manoj Sisodia and was not discussed in political committee.

Kejriwal has admitted that the internal structure is weak. BJP says that AAP is shaken by the Modi wave that it is not ready to take a call on elections in Delhi. Though Kejriwal retained his deposit in Varanasi, many feel that he should have stuck to nationwide campaign for AAP.