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RSS tells Modi to expect only 259 seats

Chennai/Bhubaneswar, May 15 (): Modi has been told by RSS after its own post-poll survey that BJP would touch only 259 and would need support from 25 members who are not part of NDA.

Jayalalithaa is the one who is expected to get 27 seats and another is Biju Janata Dal in Odisha. NCP has sent a friend request to Modi through Patel. After the RSS version of exit poll, BJP decided to welcome parties looking for good relations with a party headed to form the new government. It turns out that Jayalalithaa and Naveen Patnaik are looking for special development packages for the State and NCP is in for supporting Modi to ensure a stable government.

In this scenario, the 25- member alliance will need support of Biju Janata Dal (BJD) which has stated its rival is Congress and ex-MP Malaisami of AIADMK has stated that friendship between his party boss and Modi will be renewed and if numbers are needed, the party would prefer Amma.

The fall out is that Malaisami has been expelled from the party for jumping the gun. Jayalalithaa has said that she will decide after results.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik too has adopted a wait and watch policy while a senior leader said it could consider offering support to BJP.

NCP had thundered that Modi would be stopped and said it would prefer to sit with Congress in opposition than be with Modi. Now NCP’s Praful Patel says that if Modi needs numbers for stability, then it was game.

If Jayalalithaa is on Modi bandwagon, then the fate of DMDK, PMK and MDMK is in limbo.

In Orissa, support to BJP by BJD would result in resurgence of saffron party and thereby create a future opposition party in Assembly elections. BJP allies Shiv Sena and friendly ally MNS are traditional rivals of NCP in Maharashtra. If NCP is on Modi juggernaut then these allies in coming state polls will have no argument for opposing NCP.