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Sahara case put pressure on family, says judge

New Delhi, May 11 (): Sahara case hearing put immense pressure on Justice K. S. Radhakrishnan and his family. This was revealed at a farewell meeting arranged by Kerala lawyers of Supreme Court.

Sahara case of refund of money to depositors was heard by a bench headed by Justice Radhakrishnan. The case that dragged on for more than a year finally saw Sahara owner Subrata Roy been sent to jail . Roy has been in jail for 66 days.

Justice Radhakrishnan’s term ends on May 14;he did not go in to the details of the kind of pressure he faced. Speaking at the farewell function, he said his colleague Justice J. S. Khehar too was  under immense pressure. The pressure spilled over to his wife and family members. But he added that he did not want to go into details as the case is still before the Supreme Court.

As the Supreme Court closed yesterday for summer vacation, Justice Radhakrishnan’s last working day came to an end. The comment will have a bearing on the Sahara case as the SC will start hearing under a different judge on June 30. The bench of Radhakrishnan upheld Roy’s detention and withstood the objections by senior lawyers led by Ram Jethmalani on behalf of the Sahara chief.

Radhakrishnan later speaking at the Supreme Court Bar Association yesterday where Chief Justice and Attorney General took part, further hinted that his co-judge J. S. Khehar was the one who bore the brunt of the pressure from Sahara.

Radhakrishnan and Khehar bench had been engaged in a long battle with Sahara who through a battery of big-time lawyers stonewalled the court’s effort to get the company to refund the Rs 20,000 crore to depositors. The lawyers made allegations against the judges and tried to shift the case to another bench.

Sahara boss was sent to jail and this created a stir as it was the first time that a corporate honcho cum billionaire is cooling his heels in Tihar. Two times the lawyers moved bail applications and came up with proposal to refund the money but the bench rejected it.

Three judges of Supreme Court are retiring. Radhakrishnan served as Chief Justice in J&K and Gujarat and in SC, he gave landmark judgements making transgender a third gender and in dismissing the objections against Kudankulam nuclear plant. He banned campus politics and for that he thanked the left-wing student wings for not attacking him. The three outgoing judges refused to accept post-retirement postings offered by the government.