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British boxer Anthony Ogogo says his mother is his ‘idol’ in life

London, May 08 (ANI): British boxer Anthony Ogogo has revealed that his idol in life is his mother.

Ogogo, who won his sixth match as a professional in Las Vegas on Saturday, said that his mum, Teresa, is his idol in life, adding that she brought him and his sisters up by herself and is an amazing woman.

According to the Daily Star, the professional boxer, who stopped Puerto Rico’s Jonuel Tapia inside three rounds to win his sixth match, said that his mother is the person where he gets his strength and dedication from.

However, Ogogo revealed that there had been a time when his mother, Teresea had tried to stop him from boxing.

The boxer said that he started his career when he was 12 but hid it from his mother for about three weeks but she eventually found out because he had been sparring someone in the gym and busted his nose, which bled all over Ogogo’s T-shirt.

Ogogo said that he cut his arm with a stone and told his mother that he had fallen over and she believed him, but a few weeks later he accidentally put his gum shield in the wash and his mother told him that he could not box any more because she did not want his face messed up.

But, Ogego said his mother eventually admitted that he was quite good at boxing as well as passionate so she let him carry on with it.

Meanwhile, Ogogo’s biggest hero apart from his mother is Muhammad ‘The Greatest’ Ali.

Ogogo said that he has been a fan of Ali since his childhood when he watched the video of his life, which his mother had bought him, and got awestruck with how amazing the former American boxer had been.

The British boxer would love to follow in Ali’s footsteps and said that he wants to become a world champion, one of the best middleweights that they have ever had in his country, the report added. (ANI)