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Sibal condemns Assam violence, tears apart BJP for pursuing communal card

New Delhi, May 3 (ANI): Union Law Minister Kapil Sibal on Saturday condemned the violence in Assam’s Kokrajhar District.

“On behalf of the president and vice-president of the Congress Party, I condemn in the strongest possible terms the violence perpetrated where the Muslim community has been targeted. I believe all political parties must stand up and condemn this senseless act of violence,” Sibal said at a press conference.

Sibal also said that the communal atmosphere prevailing acrosss the nation presently, must be creditted to the BJP and Narendra Modi.

“The communal atmosphere which is persisting in the nation, the credit goes to none other than Narendra Modi, and his trademark model of dividing India. This has been the policy of the BJP ever since they got two seats in parliament. They thought unless they proceed with their secterian ideology they won’t progress,” Sibal said.

“The people must understand their true facts In 1984, the BJP got two seats and the VHP decided to spearhead the Ram Janmabhoomi Movement, which the BJP adopted, and Advani decided to start on a yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya which was aimed at dividing the polity,” added Sibal.

“On December 6, 1992, they were involved in demolishing the Babri Mosque. In the Somnath-Ayodhya Yatra, 500 people were killed. While 1992, 1700 people died. In 1995, they decided to launch a march from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Just see the pattern. In 2002, there were riots. In 2014, they talk about development while there was nothing considerable happening in Gujarat, and therefore, they have adopted communalism,” Sibal maintained.

“I have given you some documents and, if you see the first annexure, it is a parody account of Nitin Gadkari, but it has his own picture. The truth is on the right-hand side. You will see supporters of the Pakistan religious party Jammat-Ud-Dawa, a burnt Indian flag during a protest against the Pakistan Government decision to accord most-favoured-nation status to India, in Karachi, Pakistan, in November, 2011. On the left-hand side of the parody account, it shows that during Republic Day, the tricolour was burnt. This pictorial representation which is false still exists, and Nitin Gadkari has not apologised or taken steps to close this account,” said Sibal.

“All these acts are offences under 153 (A) of IPC. All those involved are liable to be prosecuted. According to me, this is also an offence under National Security Act, as it impacts on our national security. This is happening just before this election. This is all what is happening,” Sibal added.

“The third picture is of Kiran S Kumar, a very staunch sympathiser of the BJP . Not only that, if you go to his website, you will find strong connection with Niti Central, which is run by Rajesh Jain, a right hand man of Narendra Modi. The truth shows Hamas declaring war, the picture dates back to 2007. On the left side, this same picture has been used in December 2013, under the header Kerala’s shocking deterioration, terror zone country. None are raising these issues, whether a journalist or television channels, no one is criticiing it. These are all offences under National Security Act. There is a Facebook account, but this is not of Subramanian Swamy, although he has tweeted on January 2014, where he has tweeted that this Facebook account is not his, but it is of people whom he knows. The Facebook shows the truth-violence, low turnout mar election in Bangladesh, but the picture on the left shows, that Hindus were assaulted by Muslims. he says he knows these people , in January he says that it is not his account, yet he doesn’t file a complaint against it,” Sibal remarked.

Sibal pinpointed how it was clearly written in BJP’s Gujarat website how Modi was instrumental in positioning the BJP to power in 1998, pursuing communal agenda.

Sibal criticised Modi for his insensitive comments and regretted that such a person could aspire to be prime minister. (ANI)