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Sabarimala priest wife and teen daughter in worship place

Kochi, Apr 29 (): Sabarimala temple is under a cloud as the chief priest has admitted that his daughter aged 11 years stayed with him in the sanctum sanctorum. The vigilance commission was informed that the girl stayed in sanctum sanctorum from April 17-18.

The women police had objected to the girl staying in the sacred place where only priests stay in Sabarimala temple but the chief security officer personally escorted the girl to the place where her father was staying. The check post in Pamba had stopped the girl and her mother from climbing the hill to Sabarimala. They were overruled by the chief security officer of the melshanty P N Narayana. The police aid post recorded the trespass.

To keep the incident a secret, the girl and mother were transported in a dholi (palak). As per rules, a lady from age of 10 to 50 years is not allowed to enter Sabarimala temple area. The report would be given to Devasom commissioner.

This is the second controversy involving women with Sabarimala temple. Earlier, a Kannada actress Jayamala had admitted that she had the privilege to touch the idol. The actress was 27 years old then. The chief priest who allowed it was videographed with a sex worker in a flat owned by a call girl operator in a compromising position and he was arrested.

The case against the actress was not maintainable since Kerala Government till 1991 had not banned women’s entry into Sabarimala temple and only a court order stays in force. It turned out that a fake currency dealer was involved and the chief priest was left free.

Makara Jothi, the divine lighting of lamp in the real abode of Sabarimala Ayyappan later turned out to be a man-made ritual. The latest episode of the chief priest ‘s wife and daughter staying in an area that is near the sanctum sanctorum is bound to create a storm. The three priests cannot come down from the 18 steps till the Sabarimala season is over.