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Election, Corruption, TASMAC, Basmati Rice, Chicken, Mutton, Bunks and the Banks

Chennai, Apr 22 (): The Election Commission of India is doing appreciable and wonderful job in organizing Parliamentary election 2014. This is the only greatest process in the world which can be compared with no other democratic exercise. Every election in India can be called as unprecedented occasion.

ECI is exploring all ideas to invite the voters to polling booth. That is good. ECI tries to monitor and see whether the election code of conduct is exceeded by the political parties and the Governments. That is also good. But, our election commission cannot control the flow of illegal money due to lack of appropriate mechanism and man power.

There is a way to indirectly monitor and calculate the flow of money exceeding the limits. In Tamil Nadu, the Government itself is running the liquor shops through TASMAC. We suggest Election Commission to get information about the sale of liquor through TASMAC in the past six months. Compare it with the sales figures in the past year in the same period. Calculate the increase in the sale of liquor. The additional income for TASMAC in this season beyond the normal annual increase in sales should definitely show the illegal money spent for election. The Election Commission can get the TASMAC income details in the shops located in each constituency and prepare a report to publish it in the newspapers.

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The Times of India has published the following report regarding the TASMAC income during the election campaigns of Narendra Modi and J.Jayalalithaa:

Liquor is a major part of big-ticket meetings addressed by top leaders—a necessary cog in the campaign machine. Figures obtained from the Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (Tasmac) show that daily liquor sales shoot up by as much as 45% over the average in the districts where campaign meetings are held.

For instance, on February 8, the 270-odd Tasmac shops in Kancheepuram district registered an additional collection of 1.5 crore compared to the average revenue they bring in every day. On that day, Vandalur in the city suburbs hosted a massive political rally addressed by NDA’s prime minister candidate Narendra Modi.

His Trichy rally on December 26 may have contributed to the 46 lakh additional revenue to the exchequer from 226 liquor shops.

Jayalalithaa’s Nagapattinam rally is thought to have brought in around 17 lakh extra revenue from about 142 shops in the district.

Therefore the ECI can get details from all TASMAC shops in a particular constituency and match it with the total expenses by all the candidates in that constituency. What can we conclude if we find that the total increase in income of TASMAC is more than the election expenses of all the candidates?

Definitely the amount spent for TASMAC cannot be accounted. It should be categorized only under food expenses.

Another way to find the flow of illegal money is the quantity of Briyani consumed by the population in excess over the regular intake! There must be an increase in the sale of Chicken, Mutton and Basmati rice for preparation of Briyani, the food item which is widely distributed as side dish for liquor. If this can be measured for the entire state it should be an indication of excess expenses by the candidates for election campaign.

ECI can also get the additional sales in Diesel and Petrol from the oil companies in each constituency. Just verification of bills and accounts for fuel expenses submitted by the candidates can be only a routine formality. Declaration by the candidates need not be correct since they even hide their personal details such as marital status.

Well, another way. ECI can have access to the money transactions in all the banks in the period of election process. ECI should employ specialists in assessing money flow from the data obtained from the banks.(ECI should not consider employing either Manmohan Singh or P. Chidambaram)

Therefore it is possible to further explore the details of money spent unnecessarily in our election process. Definitely the unaccounted money spent in the election is either the flower of the old poisonous tree of corruption or it is a seed ( o.k. call it as investment) for future corruption.