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Big B television commercial in trouble

Mumbai, Apr 15 (): Television commercial in which Amitabh Bachchan is shown pelting stones at a mango tree has come in for criticism from the self-regulatory authority of advertising agencies.

Big B had cancelled a television commercial as part of his endorsement deal with a cola brand since a school girl questioned him for being blamed to promote a drink that has harmful chemicals. Big B now, finds himself in a similar mess with one of his new television commercials for a candy.

A television commercial for Parle’s ‘ Kacha Mango Bite’ featured Bachchan hurling stones at a mango tre; this has been termed potentially harmful for children by ASCI. A complaint against the advertisement claimed that children could imitate Big B. The Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI)  ruled that children could imitate Bachchan’s actions from the television commercial and lead to harmful consequences.

The ASCI, a self-regulatory organisation of the advertising agencies, also found a Cadbury Bournvita television commercial that has visuals of child boxers in the boxing ring without proper safety headgear that could lead to promoting an unsafe practice.

Other television commercial ads red-flagged as misleading include Philips’s Kerashine hairstyler for making the claim that its daily use will protect hair as it was not scientifically backed up, and Dabur Chyawanprash, has a line on the package that it provides three times more immunity from diseases. A Tata Motors advertisement offered Rs 1.5 lakh discount for its Manza model that was to offer a discount that wasn’t delivered. Many buyers who approached Tata dealers for the advertised discount of Rs 1.56 lakh discount on the car were told that the offer was solely meant to create hype.

Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd offered a flat with price tag of Rs 2 lakhs in their Api Sushant golf city but the complainant said that the developer quoted the starting price standing at Rs 32 lakh.

Watchmaker giant Titan was criticized for showing a woman put up for sale. Titan put up billboards that showed women advertising the Fastrack range, was covered in yellow tape that has the word ‘ sale’ written on it.

ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) received on television commercials and advertisements found objectionable content in 134 complaints out of the 144 received in January. Most complaints were in personal- and health- care sector, accounting for 77 per cent of all misleading advertisements.