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Very confident signals are from MH370 – Australian PM

Sydney, Apr 12 (): The team looking for the missing Malaysian airliner were “very confident” on Friday that five signals received in the Indian Ocean are from the submerged fight recorders of MH370, the Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has said.

During an official visit to China, Tony Abbott said they had very much narrowed down the search area and that they were very confident the signals are from the black box.

Abbott was mentioning about the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder of the plane. Locator beacons fixed to them are intended to produce high-pitched signals, or pings.

Even though the efforts put in the thorough search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 are headed in the right direction, officials say that still much work remains.

But those pings have not been received since Tuesday and without receiving them, the box could not be identified. Officials hope the box would contain information that would help solve the mystery of what happened to the plane. Now, the search teams are planning to turn to a sonar scanner to start looking for the wreckage.

Capt. Mark Matthews of the US Navy said the process is slow-going and it was probably a month and a half to two months of effort.

The retired Australian air chief marshal heading the search operation far off Australia’s west coast, Angus Houston said there was a lot of silt down in that area and that could create more difficulties in search process as the silt on the bottom of the ocean could be very thick.

Paul Nelson, the project manager of Phoenix International, a salvage company said the ROV would go down and it would actually search through the debris field and the black boxes and any other items the investigators need to help identify the cause of the crash. When or if the black boxes of the missing plane are finally positioned, a remotely operated submarine will bring them up.