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Rahul Gandhi presses panic button

New Delhi,Apr 12 (): Rahul Gandhi has pressed the panic button after the first three phases of elections, and convened an emergency meeting to devise future strategy for next phase of voting.

Internal reports show that in three phases of elections for 100 constituencies, the Congress is in danger and BJP has taken the lead. Rahul Gandhi has stepped in to stop the slide in the next 350 seats.

Rahul Gandhi has asked the party to appoint central observers in all seats that it is contesting. Congress sources said the idea to deploy observers was taken at a strategy session on Thursday by Rahul Gandhi after the feedback from the 91 Lok Sabha constituencies that went to polls in the third phase, including seven seats in Delhi.

The feedback was that Congress is facing the worst case scenario of being pushed to third place and in most cases it was the BJP vs regional players and AAP.

In Delhi, the Congress is pinning on Ajay Maken to win the New Delhi seat as a face saver. The feedback to Rahul Gandhi is that most of the 91 seats that went to polls on Thursday will lose out to the BJP, which is gaining more from the pro-Modi sentiment among voters and not because of the calibre of the persons it has fielded.

The party’s central observers will visit each of the constituencies to put into plan moves to change the anti -Congress mood. The central observers’ presence will also help candidates in their campaign, and bring about unity among local leaders and workers. The sources say that infighting in many states could limit the Congress’s electoral win. The observers’ presence will ensure that differences are ironed out, feedback will be fed to Rahul’s key aides and campaign will be more aggressive in the days to come.

The Congress had recently taken solace with opinion polls that put the party and its allies getting around 120 seats. In the national capital, Congress managers expected Muslim votes and dalits would return to the party as they were last time with the AAP which failed them. Congress has won back these segments but AAP too has managed to retain a chunk.

Sources said some ground was recovered after two successful rallies in Delhi by party chief Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

In neighbouring Haryana, Congress won nine of 10 seats in 2009, the situation is that it might retain 4-5 seats.

Muslim vote in 10 seats of western Uttar Pradesh appears to be moving towards to regional forces and this is worrying as 70 seats will witness polling over the remaining phases.