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Oscar Pistorius’ version of shooting called a ‘Lie’

Pretoria, Apr 12 (): The prosecutor yesterday pushed aside all the explanations given by the blade runner Oscar Pistorius that he feared a burglar was inside his house when he shot through a bathroom door and killed his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

The prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the weeping suspect Oscar Pistorius that he shot at Reeva knowing that she was behind that door. The prosecutor launched an intense assault on credibility of Pistorius, directly calling him a liar.

Nel charged that Pistorius had to come up with a version to explain why he got to the bathroom innocently and his version was a lie. The prosecution asserted that Pistorius shot Reeva after a loud argument between them and that his girlfriend screamed after the first of four shots were fired.

Throughout the day, Gerrie Nel was persistent on the athlete saying the statements that he was changing his story, at one point telling Oscar his lengthy explanations were aimed to cover his tracks.

Nel said that Pistorius’ answer refuted with his earlier indication when Pistorius said he could not hear anything as his ears were ringing from the gunshots.

Pistorius replied angrily, saying that he had not at any time changed his version since the statement he gave to his bail hearing last year. He said the state’s case has altered many times, but his statement had remained the same throughout.

All day, Nel made attempt to make holes in the version of Pistorius of what exactly had happened that night, asking him the details.

Pistorius has begged not guilty to murder, saying that he believed Steenkamp was an intruder when he fired four shots through the door into an enclosed toilet off the bathroom of his home. He also pleaded not guilty to two counts of wildly discharging a gun and one of unlicensed possession of .38-caliber ammunition.