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Will take revenge for Jats’ killing: Amit Shah

Muzzaffarnagar,Apr 5 ():Amit Shah, Modi’s campaign manager of BJP and general secretary in-charge of Uttar Pradesh, in a meeting with leaders of the Jat community near here said that his party would take revenge on those who killed Jats. Amit Shah said that it was time for Jats to vote out SP government that was giving monetary aid to those who killed Jats. BJP MLA Suresh Rana, who is booked for instigating the riots was with Shah.

The promise to take revenge and to retrieve honour was made by Amit Shah in a village that houses the Batteesaa Khap, a sub-sect of the Jat community that rules the sugarcane belt of western Uttar Pradesh.

Amit Shah’s visit to Muzaffarnagar was a low key affair. He stayed in a hotel outside Muzaffarnagar, and later he moved to Gandhi colony. Here in a guest house Amit Shah had a separate meetings with Rajput, Gujjars and Dalit leaders. Amit Shah said that one can do away with food and water but if the man’s honour is taken away then it is death. He wowed to take revenge for this insult. Amit Shah said that Indian soldiers’ heads are beheaded and played football by enemies and Bangladeshis are crossing borders.

Amit Shah said that UP is troubled with riots but nobody in Gujarat has the guts to start a riot because Modi is in power. He said that Dalits are treated as second class citizens by Mullah Mulayam. Amit Shah said SP was supporting cow slaughter and in Gujarat cows are giving people milk and not being sent to butchers. Amit Shah feels that this interaction with community leaders is more effective than mass rallies. Such closed door sessions make it easier to convey their mind to the vote banks. This also makes it easy to avoid election code. Amit Shah does not hit the major roads and can be identified only if one sees Gujarat police jeep in his convoy.