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Poem – Daddy to Son

Kumbakonam, Apr 5 (): A poem with the title, ‘Daddy to Son’ is cyclic, and of Anthathi type in which each stanza starts with the last word of previous stanza. This poem starts with one line and each subsequent stanza has one line more than the previous stanza. The last stanza ends with seven lines, a symbolic indication of Indian faith of seven-birth cycle.



Daddy to Son


You are born.

Born to me you are fortunate
I am pregnant with endless poems.

Poems you speak spark meaningless words,
Kindle forgone days all along reminding
What I thought when my brain was tender.

Tender and cute your smile,
No teeth but so bright as if
Your shining face is bleaching the nights
And a moving moon, decorating the days.

Days of my childhood not meant to return
Are hidden in you, brought back
Whenever you wet my clothes
I can patent in Paris, market for millions,
But won’t do for every drop of you, I possess.

Possess the universe in return for you?
Never, that might be unfair a business.
We, the sellers and buyers ourselves:
Exchange touches, hugs, kisses, plays and time
Suddenly you shorten my days to just twelve hours
Shrinking my seconds sowing the seeds to cherish.

Cherish these moments, you may not remember,
Like a teacher forgetting one of his thousand pupils.
But you too a fertile land will write at least one poem.
Now as a shepherd and sheep seeking pasture
Let us together go in the milky ways and beyond,
Leading and feeding without being lost,
Until I turn a grandfather and see a daddy, You