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Maan Karate ~ Exclusive Review

            Maan Karate ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Apr 5 (): Maan Karate, the rom-com starring Sivakarthikeyan and Hansika Motwani hit screens yesterday, 4 April 2014. The movie is directed by Thirukumaran and the story is penned by ace director A. R. Murugadoss. It had already set records in the advance booking  with no competitors this weekend.

Ma(a)n of the year

Peter played by Sivakarthikeyan is an easy goer who tries to woo Yazhini (played by Hansika) by posing as a boxer while he hardly knows A-B-C of boxing. It’s obvious that as lies build up he’s forced to take up the boxing championship with professionals to prove his true love. He then uses the so-called “Maan Karate” technique to achieve feat.

            Maan Karate ~ Exclusive Review

Interestingly there’s also a fantasy part where a monk roaming around the forests blesses the IT guys camping in the same forest with a newspaper from the future. With the sole intention of making money, they find news that Peter would win the match and persuade him to take up hobby. Everything goes well until another person with a similar identity comes – named Peter, a 15-time champion, sharing same father’s name and designation. All said now, the rest to be enjoyed at cinemas.

Quirky Quotes

Sandy & crew: Yen indha kaatle irukeenga?
Monk: Aandavan kattalai
Sandy: Avan vetiye avan olunga katala, idhula Aandavan kattalai yam

Peter: Poi solli kazhati viduradhu ponunga policy, poi solliyavadhu correct panradhu dhan pasanga policy

Peter: Yaar ivaru?
Sandy: Eeh, coach’uh
Peter: Kochukatum kochukatum

Beer vangumpodhu kanathula vechu parthu vaangunga
Yen, edhuku?
Appodhan cooling irukka illayanu theriyum, be careless

Boxing Referee: Motham 10 round
Peter: Aiiih
Referee: Andha round illa, mookulaye kuthuven. Udane alayadha!


Sivakarthikeyan has delivered an outstanding performance and he has got some earth shaking moves, and without having to say he does elicit natural laughter with his performance.

Anirudh’s score is definitely a plus and one such is “Open the Tasmac” that swings in the flow, brightening the mood.


            Maan Karate ~ Exclusive Review

The fun-filled first half is ruined by the predictable second half. Despite a strong storyline the poor screenplay kills it all. It’s like a race horse blindfolded to avoid deviation from its race course, the movie runs in a biased ploy.


By far this is the biggest opening for Sivakarthikeyan and the actor has set high hopes on this. Hansika has her fingers crossed with her previous Biryani gone into the sack at box-office.

Best rated    :  4/ 10

Worst rated :  4.5/10

Maan Karate ~ Mirthful