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Shooting at US Army’s Fort Hood base in Texas kills 4, including gunman

Texas, Apr 3 (): A gun shooting happened at US Army Base Fort Hood in Texas in which four were dead, including the gunman. Even though a senior official said at least 14 were injured and only one person was dead, other reports say four were dead.

The incident took place at the site where a gun rage in 2009 happened that left 32 soldiers wounded and 13 dead.

Reports say, the shooting occurred at the Medical Centre of Carl R Darnall Army, located on the base. The injured were moved to Fort Hood’s Darnall Army Community Hospital and to other local hospitals. The chief medical officer of the Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Dr. Glen Couchman said first four persons admitted to the hospital had gunshots in the chest, neck, abdomen and extremities. Their conditions are said to be from steady to “fairly critical.”

Initial reports say it was not a terrorist attack, but was soldier on soldier violence.

Some US media are mentioning the shooter as enlisted soldier, 34-year-old Ivan Lopez; however there has been no official report made on his identity. Lopez was wearing an Army uniform when he did the shooting, House Homeland Security Committee chairman, Michael McCaul (R-Tex.) told reporters.

Reports flowing within Justice Department specify that the gunman died because of a self-inflicted wound, a U.S. law enforcement official said. He spoke on the condition of anonymity as the inquiry is still in progress.

President Barack Obama said he was “heartbroken” on hearing the news and promised to investigate the case fully.

Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defence, called the shooting a “dreadful tragedy.” Hagel said the Pentagon has still some more work to do in guarding its bases and personnel on home front.

The shooting has happened weeks after the results of sequences of investigations into a mass shooting at the Navy Yard was released by Defense Department.