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Madurai school girls bag top honours in NASA Space Settlement Contest

Chennai, Apr 1 (): A group of five Madurai school girls studying in Sri Saradha Vidyalayam Girls Matriculation Higher Secondary School has done their school, temple town of Madurai, Tamil Nadu and in fact the nation itself proud by bagging top honours at the annually conducted NASA Space Settlement Contest. This annual global competition is conducted since 1994.

The Madurai girls have won the third prize in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest 2014, under the Literary Merit category.

The students studying in  class XI are S.B. Vishaka Nandini, M. Shenbagam, K. Kamali, P. Dhivya Priya and S.G. Yogalakshmi. Their team is the only one from Tamil Nadu to have bagged the top honours in a competition conducted at the global level.

Their innovative project, set in 2250 AD, reports about  how speedy exhaustion of natural resources on earth forces human beings to settle in Cronus, a fictional space orbit of Saturn. Cronus is different from Earth in many ways,though the available resources are almost similar to that of Earth.

The girls from Madurai  said that inhabitants of their fictional world Cronus are unaware of social evils like corruption rampant on earth. They effectively manage waste management and recycling and utilize solar and wind power to the fullest.

The competitions were conducted under diverse categories such as Artistic Merit, Literary Merit and Projects on Space Settlement. The prize distribution for the contest will happen at  Los Angeles in May, reports The Hindu.