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Inam pulled out of theatres after Vaiko protest

Chennai,Mar 31 (): Inam, the Tamil movie which was given a ‘U’ certificate by censors and a tax exemption by State government is finally being dumped by the producer-distributor.

The announcement came yesterday and today the advertisement of Inam in dailies says the success of the film is a victory of rights. Yesterday, the co-producer and distributor of Inam had said that five scenes were deleted due to advise from directors. Santosh Sivan who directed the film too agreed to these deletions. Soon after this, Vaiko of MDMK issued a statement which slammed the film and the director for being pro-Sri Lanka and showing LTTE in poor light. He asked the theatre owners to stop screening the film.

The distributor of Inam is Thirrupathi Brothers owned by director Lingusamy and his brother Bose. Though not linking to the Vaiko stance, the company said that it was respecting the sentiments of Tamils and being a election time, the film has been yanked off theatres. The metro distribution is with Abirami Theatres.

Vaiko said that he was devastated after hearing filmmaker Puganlenthi’s version of Inam. He said Santosh Sivan had earlier made a film ‘Terrorist’ that showed LTTE in bad light and now this is the second time he is doing so. Vaiko asked whether a Tamilian can make a film showing Malayalis in bad light and have it screened in Kerala. He said Tamils are punching bags and asked whether there was no self-respect left.

Vaiko’s statement listed scenes (which were not deleted by the film makers after a review) which he said would convey to young (as it has a ‘U’ certificate) that the LTTE forcibly drafted child soldiers. He also expressed outrage at the depiction of Tamils living on the charity of Buddhist monks. He said that the history was twisted to show that LTTE burnt up a sugarcane field to hold a screening of a film.

He said the director of Inam had under the pretext of showing Tamils in good light inserted many scenes and dialogues to create pro-Sri Lanka feelings, thereby exposing his craftiness. The producers had on opening day thanked the State Government for giving tax exemption.

Now, Jayalalithaa who has threatened to move a fresh resolution in UN against Sri Lanka after the next government at the Centre comes to power has been caught on the wrong foot.

Tamil journalists had raised their objections to scenes in Inam with the producers. However, the English media had no such reservations and instead went gaga over Santosh Sivan’s bold attempt and his cinematic brilliance.

The only English newspaper to give the right review was The New Indian Express. Film critic Malini Mannath slammed the movie for not having sensitivity, focus and clarity. She termed Inam as a pretentious piece of work.

Lingusamy who is also the producer of Inam’s Hindi version titled ‘Ceylon’ will not stop its screening outside Tamil Nadu.

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