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Pro-Eelam protests lead to deletion of scenes in ‘Inam’

Chennai, Mar 29 (): Eelam activists targeted the Tamil film ‘Inam’ directed by Santosh Sivan for justifying the genocide of Tamils by the Sri Lankan army.

In a compromise move, Thirrupathi Brothers, the company that distributed the movie has deleted five scenes from the film. It is not clear whether the other language versions would also see similar cuts. The premiere of the movie was held in Mumbai.

Pro-Eelam outfits led by Kolathur Mani picketed theatres screening Inam in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The film has many scenes that show Sri Lankan army to be very humane and Buddhist monks who were siding with the army too lending a helping hand.

Lingusamy, director and producer who owns Thirrupathi Brothers approached Tamil Directors’ Union for help. The Directors’ body felt that allowing the Eelam groups to do a censorship of the film would create a precedent for other groups. It was then decided that the Directors’ union will decide on the film. Some pro- Eelam activists too were invited to view the film at RKV studios here.

The story of Inam revolves around eight orphans and one of them is suffering from Down’s Syndrome is holed up in an orphanage caught in the crossfire between LTTE and the Sri Lankan army. The film was released across the State even though the Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (TPDK) gave a petition at the Police Commissioner’s Office on Thursday, asking for the film to be banned. The screening of Inam, which was released yesterday, was stopped after pro-Eelam activists attacked a theatre.

In Puducherry, Balaji theatre was attacked just before the matinee show, by TPDK activists. Stones were pelted at the window panes and publicity matierals razed. Police resorted to lathi charge and later registered an FIR against some of the pro-Eelam activists, but no arrests were made.

TPDK activists said the film director Santosh Sivan projects the Lankan civil war to justify the genocide committed by the army.

Producer of the film, N Lingusamy, agreed to delete 5 scenes from the film. The scenes with the dialogue which says ‘leader is dead’ (meaning LTTE Prabhakaran), a dead Sinhalese soldier clutching a photo of his daughter, a Buddhist monk giving Tamil children a pomegranate and scenes in a school which feature Karunas have been cut.

The dedication of the film to the ‘38,000 lives lost in the genocide’, was also deleted said a statement from the production house. Probably Eelam activists would be satisfied with the cuts, hopes the production house.

With Sri Lanka being a hot topic and Tamil political parties heaping attacks on Congress for abstaining from voting against Lanka in UN, has now put Chidambaram in a spot as his party has said his view that India should have voted against Lanka was not the UPA stance. Jayalalithaa has said that the new Government at the Centre would pass a resolution against Sri Lanka.