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Noah`s criticism `irrational`, says Russell Crowe

Washington, Mar.28 (ANI): Russell Crowe recently said that criticism that the film ‘Noah’ has received was “irrational” and he was happy that audiences could finally see it for themselves.

The ‘Gladiator’ star said that they have endured 12 to 14 months of irrational criticism and now people are starting to see it and to realize how respectful it is, and how true to the source material it is and how intense of an experience it is in the movie theater, ABC News reported.

Emma Watson, who plays Ila, the wife of Noah’s son Shem said that she expected there to be controversy as all Biblical adaptations carries the weight of that because it is something that is so personal to people.

The movie has been the subject of controversy, with some religious groups claiming that the story has been inaccurately portrayed. (ANI)