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IPL 7 -Srinivasan -Dhoni- Shilpa Shetty to be dumped?

Mumbai, Mar 28 (): IPL 7 will go on schedule with Gavaskar at the helm and replacing Srinivasan as BCCI president in the cricket governing body.

CSK and RR will be part of IPL 7, said the apex court. Gavaskar is free to decide on Sundar Raman, CEO of IPL can continue or not. If IPL had been scrapped, BCCI would have suffered Rs 20,000 crore loss and if CSK and RR were suspended, it would lose Rs 9000 crore.

Yesterday, more evidence has come showing that Indian skipper Dhoni was an employee of India Cements owned by Srinivasan. This makes it a conflict of interest as Dhoni is selected as captain of Indian team by BCCI headed by Srinivasan. The court had pointed this out and asked Srinivasan to quit voluntarily from BCCI. Srinivasan has not given a reply but sources say he might quit but not agree to have Gavaskar as BCCI chief and instead go in for one of his own men.

The official stance would be that court cannot dictate on who should be the president and instead it is for the board to take a call on it. Srinivasan has the power to manipulate the board. Many top cricketers are demanding that IPL 7 be called off to have a fair probe.

Dhoni had testified to Justice Mudgal committee that Srinivasan’s son-in-law Meyiappan had no official post in CSK. The Mudgal report named six players out of which some are playing for Team India. The court that opened the sealed envelope was shocked and asked for a probe, keeping Srinivasan away from BCCI. The court termed it nauseating to have Srinivasan clinging to the post. This is seen as an indication that Srinivasan’s son-in-law Meyiappan’s involvement in spot-fixinghas become evident.

Dhoni’s cover-up and Raj Kundra, the owner of RR having all the bookies on his caller list need to be probed. The IPL 7 is scheduled to start on April 16 in UAE as elections are on in India.