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Now, tag your buddies on Twitter with new photo-tagging feature

Washington, Mar. 27 (ANI): Twitter has reportedly added a new feature that would allow users to tag multiple people in a tweeted photo and share more than one photo per tweet.

The new feature aimed at making the microblogging site ‘more social’ allows users to share up to four photos in a single tweet.

According to Cnet, users can now tag up to ten people in a photo, without affecting the 140-character limit for their tweet.

Notifications would be sent to those who are tagged in a photo and users could customize their settings for the notifications.

The report said that when a user shares multiple photos in one tweet, Twitter automatically creates a collage to display them, which also show up in embedded tweets.

However, the multiple-photos feature is only available for iPhone users as of now, while Android and Web support is expected soon. (ANI)