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‘Innocence of Muslims’ actress files ‘contempt of court’ against Google

Washington, Mar. 27 (ANI): The actress featuring in the anti-Islamic movie trailer that caught headlines after being circulated on YouTube, has reportedly filed a motion against Google for contempt of court.

Cindy Lee Garcia has filed the contempt motion against Google for its alleged ‘near-total disregard’ of an appeals court’s order asking it to take down copies of the video from YouTube.

According to PC World, the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit had earlier ruled in a split decision that Google should take down and prevent new uploads of the trailer.

However, it did not preclude the posting or display of any version that does not include Garcia’s performance.

Garcia has claimed she holds the copyright for her performance in the trailer of the movie, which sparked of protests and violence in many countries in 2012.

In her latest filing, Garcia’s lawyer stated that a version of the trailer that includes her performance was still available on Google’s worldwide platform and also viewable in Egypt by tweaking the settings of the global platform to settings for a country.

The filing states that Google has violated the court’s order and continued to profit illegally from traffic to the infringing material on YouTube on several different channels.

Counsel M. Cris Armenta described the maximum penalty of 150,000 dollars per channel as the ‘only fair measure of the contempt,’ and asked that Google be asked to post a bond for the amount for each of the 852 cited YouTube channels, the report added. (ANI)