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[email protected] – a poem about corruption

(A poem about corruption)

When sinful dollars flow
From pocket to pocket
It leaves a stain
Hard to wash
Who cares, it is covered.

The rotten smell of the minds
Can never go away
From the hands and the machines
Counting the notes.

In the secret banks
Overflowing at distant lands
The blood of the poor
absorbed by corporate roots
Are lavishly drunk
By heartless mouths
In their paid parties.
Organs of innocent
Are cooked for buffet.

How much is it?
The rulers cannot measure
As they are either unmarked scales
Or non standard.

No one can say whether
Money is inside the mind
Or mind is inside the money
Both can be hidden
And deceitful
Only to be revealed
To the accountant angels
Appointed by God.


A poem about corruption from Malarthamil poems.

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