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Nandan Nilekani’s Aadhar Card sold for money

New Delhi, Mar 24 (): Aadhar, the brainchild of Nandan Nilekani and said to be the game changer for UPA is now sold to non-Indians for Rs 600.

Meanwhile, SC has told the Centre in very clear terms that Aadhar should not be made mandatory to avail any Government services. In fact, Aadhar which cost tax payer Rs 11,000 crore has been relegated to the dustbin. Aadhar Card is termed as unique identification number for an Indian citizen giving identification and access to government benefits.

Now, a Cobrapost sting shows that even an illegal immigrant can get an Aadhaar Card without any proof of identity. They get a numbered identity. Cobrapost reporter posing as an agent of a Bangladeshi immigrant applicant, approached a dozen Aadhaar offices. Enrolment officers say it is no problem to get it even without a proof of address.

The negotiations turned out to be successful after the fees quoted by the officers were accepted. Aadhaar officers wanted a photograph and address for making an affidavit, which will be countersigned by the local MLA or a gazetted officer for making it valid. Fees varied from Rs 2500 to Rs 5000.

Mathew Thomas, through RTI found that UIDAI has not checked the background of the companies that have been given the job to collect biometric data. He alleges that the companies are owned by ex-CIA and FBI officials. Thomas said the US company gave an award to Nandan Nilekani and has bagged a similar order in Pakistan.

Technically collecting biometrics from 1 billion people is bound to have glitches. People’s privacy has been invaded and with no law that protects citizen privacy, Aadhar has left those who took the exercise at the mercy of the operators.

Nandan Nilekani, the richest LS contestant who reaches out to voters with his achievement of bringing in a system that reaches out to 99% of population is bound to face flak in Bangalore South. Many States had told the SC that Aadhar has to be dumped as it is causing havoc. In many States the implementation is tardy affecting mainly LPG consumers.