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Sahara Roy’s plan to pay back Mother Teresa’s charity scuttled

New Delhi, Mar 21 (): Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy’s arrest has scuttled the effort to invest in Macedonia, the country which is the birth place of Mother Teresa. The Mother was born in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

No Indian had ever thought of giving back all that the Mother had given to the nation by helping her motherland which is plagued with poverty and unemployment. It was the `visionary’ Sahara boss who decided to invest 2.7 billion euros in this country and build casinos and so many other projects that would prop up the economy.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski rolled out the red carpet to Sahara boss who visited three times last year. Roy said he would create a ‘Las Vegas’ and bring 20,000 cows into the country.

Roy said all allegations against Sahara back home were all fiction scripted by SEBI and had nothing to do with investments in Macedonia. The ‘Sahara India Parivar’, said Roy’s assets are worth 22 billion euros and employed one million employees.

The Macedonian government termed him a saviour who wants to help the poor because Mother Teresa, helped a lot of poor people in India. Macedonians believed Roy’s promises and dreamt of this great investor who would save the country’s economy.

But, news that Sahara boss is cooling his heels in Tihar jail has shocked the country. The government was clueless but Sahara office said that the plans to invest in Macedonia are still on.

‘Saharijan Macedonia’ a resort that will be Las Vegas and a housing complex for staff in 17 acres were the schemes of Sahara. Sahara would bring in 20,000 cows to start a dairy that would export products to Gulf and South Africa. The plant would employ 2000 people with an investment of 211 million euros. He would build a 32 ft statue of Mother Teresa in the capital city.

Roy said he was in search of a corruption-free country and found it in Macedonia, which incidentally is ranked 67th in the list of corrupt nations. Probably, it is destined for Macedonia to remain a poor nation.