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JEE Main 2014 motivating Tips for final preparation plan

New Delhi, Mar 21 (): JEE MAIN 2014 . This is the time for you to download the admit cards for the CBSE Joint Entrance Exam. As an aspirant You are very close to the success.  It is just a matter of flash finish. Therefore this moment is important. You are going to put in all your knowledge and skills  in this special occasion. Your career is getting conceived now. That is the JEE Main 2014. This is a rare chance and happens only once in your lifetime. This is going to decide your life and future.

When the rare chance comes , seize it

To do the rare deed ( GuruThiru 489)

1.Assess where you are according to your own Plan

For Preparation,  each one of you have started at different times. But all are going to complete only at one time. You may be one who started years before April 2014 or from the last year only.

But all have set a target and gained some strength through continuous efforts of planned preparation . You are going to reap the benefit in few days.

You are already following a plan and about to complete the last leg or phase of your own plan. Is or not?  The Last minute preparation and practice depends on where you stand now and how much time is available for the completion of preparation. Check where you are according to your own plan. See whether

  • You have completed your extensive reading and intensive reading according to syllabus.
  • You are well aware of weightage to each topic in each subject of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • You have practiced  mock tests
  • Based on the scores in mock tests you now know in which topic and subject you have to take more effort.

If so, well you have already crossed the eighty percent mark. Your final preparation is going to help you for the rest of 20 percent. Do not think achieving one hundred percent is impossible.

Nothing is impossible for him

Who knows his task and strength and is well set. ( GuruThiru 472)

2.Reschedule  the plan

It is quite normal that You  slightly lag behind in your plan. If not months, you have days. Therefore based on the number of hours available from now to the examination date you have to reschedule the plan for preparation.

In your reschedule see that more hours are allotted for topics in which  your confidence levels need to be improved.

In your reschedule you should practice at least one mock test when you are 24 hours free from board exam or on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you have already completed your preparation and feel that you are hundred percent ready for full performance better you must know that there is always some scope left with as for as learning is concerned. Your syllabus for the examination is only a perimeter  outline. How dense it is inside your capacity circle depends on how much depth you have gone in understanding each subject.

Even widely read and faultless

When scrutinized show gaps. ( GuruThiru 503)

3.Board Examination Vs   JEE 2014

All are concentrating in board examinations in this month. Some who got bored in reading repeatedly for Board exam subjects  are putting more hours for JEE Main 2014.

But there can be no dilemma about giving more importance like either to Board or to JEE. Your future depends on the scores you get in both Board Exams and JEE. When you wish to go to national level to study in the best institutions according to the present system you cannot ignore Board Examinations.

Remember You are deciding your own destiny and you know better on how to balance between Board Examinations and JEE Main 2014.

Even though you are in the middle of the Board Examination schedule create space in your time table and always keep in touch with JEE Main 2014 preparation plan. An hour a day is the minimum required for JEE Main 2014 during the period of Board Examinations.

This time you are assumed to have completed extensive preparation in all subjects. You are doing only a revision. If you have new portion to be covered forget it. Reading a new topic at this juncture  is not going to help  you.


Let the learned learn from you and you

From another one more learned   ( GuruThiru  724)

Do not hesitate  to discuss with your friends who prepare for JEE Main 2014. Some of the students have a tendency of not sharing the preparation tips with their friends. That is not right.  You need not discuss about the subject. But You have to discuss and know more about how to tackle the JEE 2014. The methods of preparation may differ among individuals. Each different view and plan is worth to know. You will automatically adopt and accommodate the Exam tips in your personal plan.

The greatest strength is kinship

With one greater ( GuruThiru 444)

You should be lucky to get guidance from parents. You should also contact senior students who already succeeded in  passing JEE of the previous years. They will tell you what they felt during the examination hours. We can overcome last minute hurdles whatever it may be if we can  gain knowledge about it well in advance and be prepared to face any eventuality. Sharing of experience is also a lesson to be learnt adding strength to our efforts

5. The Time

There are two ways to think about the time. One is time for final preparation. Another is whether you can answer all the questions in the  Examination within the stipulated time. There is another dimension in this time factor. Think about the minute you are going to answer the last question in JEE Main 2014 and the moment that will follow. Right now imagine for few seconds your freedom and happiness you are going to enjoy in your vacation. That wonderful moment is  also nearing, right?. For a happiest tomorrow you should happily satisfy yourself in usefully spending time everyday totally concentrating on only the final preparation.

Procrastination, forgetfulness, sloth and excesssleep are to be avoided because they spoil your time. Instead hard work, energetic engagement in your task, sharpened memory is going to bring you the desired results.

6. Confidence, Happiness and fitness

As you are nearing the peak of your efforts the most important aspect  is to keep your physical fitness. If you are living in a hot climate the summer has begun. Take lot of water and fruits and keep away from street side eateries and junk food.

You are not supposed to worry about family problems at this stage. Whatever it may be you keep aside all the relationship problems. You feel that you are born new everyday forgetting the past ( not the lessons) Be very happy that you are gifted, satisfied with as much as available with you. Do not stress yourself and your parents.

Your Confidence about yourself is going to bring you success. All the best. Share this motivating tips article with your friends.


All one aims at can be gained if one is very firm at it.

Efficiency is nothing but the strength of mind

( GuruThiru is none other than ancient sage Thiru Valluvar who wrote “Thirukkural” , a book of 1330 couplets)