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Hijackers crashed Malaysian Airlines jet into ocean : Indian hypnotist

Bangalore, Mar 20 (): Malaysian Airlines was hijacked and it plunged directly into the ocean, says the soul of the `dead’ woman passenger through the medium of a boy and girl at a show conducted by Ramachandra Guruji, Indian soul healing and subconscious memory expert who is associated with Dr Bruce Goldberg, a globally renowned hypnotherapist.

The show was aired two days ago on Suvarna TV which faced flak from rationalists. Guruji through a boy and girl under hypnotism communicated with soul of a woman passenger who died in the `crash’ of the Malaysian Airlines that has been missing for two weeks. The girl narrated the sequence of events from the takeoff to what happened after four hours of flying.

The Malaysian Airlines plane had a normal take off. As the plane was airborne, the woman passenger went to the toilet. After she came back, a man also went to the toilet. Air hostesses were talking and the woman heard saying tremah kasi (thanks in Malay). Four hours of flying later, there was a commotion as the woman was held captive and her mouth cupped by a man (who went to the toilet) holding something in his hand and waving. There was panic abroad.

Another man walked into the cockpit. There were screams as the plane swerved and shuddered. The Malaysian Airlines aircraft began to go down and took a dive towards the earth. It hit the ocean and there were yellow lights flashing. A door was flung open and water rushed in and the woman died.

Bruce Goldberg has authored books on Future Life Progression. His books Past Lives, Future Lives and performed future life progressions are said to be based upon the experience got from his learned work. Goldberg is a pioneer in Future Life Progression. It was only later Dr Brian Weiss covering the same topic came out with the book `Same Soul, Many Bodies’.

Sri Ramachandra Guruji, a look-alike of Sri Sri Ravishankar has collaboration with Goldberg and has conducted future life progression sessions in Bangalore. He too has around five books on the various aspects of future life progression.

Latest reports say that Maldivians saw the Malaysian Airlines jet fly low over their island. Australia has sent a team to check out the spot where a satellite picture showed debris of an aircraft which could be the Malaysian Airlines Boeing aircraft.