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Aamir Khan forces aged ladies out of house

Mumbai, Mar 20(): Aamir Khan is indirectly driving out aged ladies from their houses to build his new bungalow, says a complaint.

The building located in upmarket Bandra neighbourhood has the complainants saying that Aamir Khan is misleading house owners and pressuring them through society members to sell 60 per cent of the land to build a bungalow for himself.

The complainant Dr Pamela de Sa, 87, and her daughter, Dr Geneve de Sa, 50, have complained to the deputy registrar of co-operative societies which they say is a falsely developed redevelopment scheme.

Marina Apartments and Bella Apartments have 12 owners each and come under Virgo Co-operative Housing Society. Out of these, three are owned by Aamir Khan.

In December 2011, Aamir Khan put up the proposal to buy 60% of the land and instead build flats for those displaced. The complainant owns two flats and two garages. Aamir Khan will buy 20,000 sqft land which means a certain number of owners will have to forfeit all rights. For those who are not willing to give all ownership rights, Aamir Khan will build apartments for them in the remaining land.

Virgo Co-operative Housing Society meeting on this issue did not have a quorum and instead got the majority through proxy votes of absentees. Society claims only five voted against. Aamir Khan wants the property for himself and also the society be de-registered. The rules mandate that the appointment of the architect for proposed project and tenders should be invited.

A three-fourth majority is needed and all of them have to be housed in new buildings is the law, agrees officials and an officer from registrar of societies has to be involved. Yet another rule is that the redevolpment of a land can be done only by a builder and not by an individual.

Aamir Khan who parades himself as epitome of honesty and promoting civic issues on TV show Satyamev Jayate will find this issue a major embarrassment.