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Syrian Jihadists recruited from Tamil Nadu

New Delhi/ Chennai, Mar 19 () : Tamil Nadu has become the recruiting base for Islamic groups to send Jihadists  for waging Jihad in Syria against Bashar al-Assad regime according to information reaching the national security agencies. They have alerted the State agencies. The recruitment came to light with a person from Tamil Nadu being deported from Singapore for recruiting Jihadists among the expatriate workers hailing from Tamil Nadu. This is the first confirmation that India-based Islamic groups have joined the war against Syria regime. Syria is witnessing a civil war for the past three years.

A resident of Cuddalore village in Tamil Nadu was questioned by security agencies in Chennai last month after his deportation from Singapore. This led to four more persons coming under the scanner. The modus operandi was to recruit people by motivating them to join the holy war and take them on employment visa to Turkey and then to Syria. The deported IT engineer was working in an US MNC.

No charges have been put on him and investigation showed that one Usman Ali who is a Sngapore national and from the same village was motivated for the Syrian jihad. Early this year Ali and his family left Tamil Nadu for jihad in Syria.

Agencies do not know how many Indians are in Syria waging Jihad but have narrowed down to Telangana and Kerala along with Tamil Nadu as recruiting areas of Jihadis. They have identified two recruiters of Indian origin based in Gulf behind this operation.

According to officials, the deported engineer is a member of Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamaat, and in Singapore he gave Fakruddin classes on need to wage Jihad. Fakruddin’s first trip to Syria was a failure since he was put in a rebel camp. He returned back to Tamil Nadu, went back in January and there is no trace of him since then.

Singapore is watching the move to convert their nationals into Jihadis. India is worried that the conversion of expatriate workers of Indian origin being lured by Islamic propaganda and turning Jihadists since it could spell trouble for internal security in future.