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Chandraswami yagna clears path for Jayalalithaa as PM

New Delhi/Chennai, Mar 19 (): Jayalalithaa’s chance to become PM has now got brighter. It is not that Modi-Rahul or Mulayam Singh agreed to pave the way to the Red Fort.

Chandraswami, the infamous Godman who was once the spiritual advisor of Indira Gandhi has cleared the way for Jayalalithaa through divine intervention, thanks to AIADMK party worker Vivek Kumar, who came from Chennai, to conduct Raja Rajeswari Yagna. The yagna that took place at Chandraswami ashram here lasted for three hours.

Vivek met Chandrswami through a common friend about a year back. Last month, during his meet with Chandraswami, the Godman told him that Jayalalithaa was sure to become PM if the yagna was performed to remove certain hurdles. Hearing this Vivek told him to go ahead and two days later it took place. Five priests from different regions performed the yagna under Chandraswami’s supervision.

AIADMK workers on the birthday of Jayalalithaa presented her a cake which was the replica of the Red Fort. The campaign for Jayalalithaa as PM began at party general council last year.

In Thanjavur, the workers arranged an Ashwamedha yagna in which a white horse is beheaded and thrown in to the pyre. As there are laws and animal activists around, it was symbolically done by cutting a wooden horse and thrown into the yagna pyre. As per the ritual, the King conducts this yagna to cleanse him of all sins. The horse is left free and the king’s army generals go along with it. It will go through many kingdoms and if its unchallenged then that kingdom becomes the domain of the marching army. If it is challenged then the army has to defeat the challengers. The vanquished kings are then invited to the finale where the horse is sacrificed.

Karunanidhi, son Stalin and the Vijayakanth-led BJP front do not seem to have been vanquished but only started their battle. Reports say that Rao, BJP’s national secretary left for Delhi today morning with a list that has PMK in it and one without it.

Anbumani wants a tie up since BJP has promised that it will give berths to allies if it comes to power. Anbumani wants a second shot at the Union ministry. The party cadres are revolting and father Ramodoss is caught between his son on one side and workers on the other side.