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Paris lifts car ban after pollution levels reach safe limit

Paris, Mar 18 (): French ministers state that the traffic experiment has become a success just after 24 hours, saying the pollution levels have reached the safe limit again.

Now, the French government has stopped the controversial order to ban nearly half the Paris traffic claiming that just after one day the experiment intended at restricting harmful pollution had become successful and the majority of the Parisians had co-operated for the attempt.

The partial ban was put on the Paris vehicle traffic when air pollution levels were worse than in Beijing. In the first restricted driving ban imposed in Paris in 17 years, it has reduced the number of vehicles running in Paris to half. The method has been used once before in 1997.

Philippe Martin, minister of Energy and Environment said in a press conference that the measures taken have made a clear development, in combination with good weather conditions. He further said the PM has decided to lift the ban on traffic.

The traffic ban had been imposed after fine particulates in the Paris city peaked on 14 March to 110 micrograms per cubic meter, beyond the Beijing’s level. Such a smoggy situation has happened due to combination of warm days and cold nights, which has stopped pollutants from scattering.

As per the Air Quality Index China, the reading in Chinese capital for particulates of 2.5 micrometers or smaller at the same time was 89, and in Shanghai it was 172.

The ban was imposed on the automobiles that had their numbers ending in even numbers in the license plates from Paris roads and the surrounding 22 towns. The speed limits of the cars were also lowered and the suburbs allowed the travellers to park their cars in streets.

After seeing lower traffic throughout Monday, the environment ministry said that the weather conditions had changed significantly and had brought down the pollution levels which has descended on Paris over the past week.