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Missing Malaysian flight – A RAW ANALYSIS

About 9 days have passed now with the missing Boeing 777-200 ER and its 239 members on board. Supports from many countries are pouring in to add strength to the search and so are the prayers from people all over the world. On one side, relatives are longing for some news about their family members on board and authorities suspecting foul play by one of the members on board specially the pilots / crew members on the other side.

The search grows bigger and bigger and so is the case and the mystery behind it. It is the case with anything for that matter. As technology grows better, the problems become bigger as well. There were conclusions by one of the countries on the plane crashing into the sea. Yet, nothing has been confirmed. Let us try to point out possibilities and maybe there is a solution that we could arrive at and work towards that direction.

A mishap could be a possibility where the flight could have crashed into the ocean or a mountain and the story ends. The chances towards this are very minimal now as there are multiple countries involved in the search and specially the super power – USA. In case the flight has managed to get into a no man’s land which is beyond our reach and our members are alive, they would have somehow found a way to get in touch by hook or crook. Believe me! Humans are very powerful that way. We know how to reach our people of a known island.

A hijack for a hefty demand is a sure possibility but it should also be kept in mind that demand-based hijack always ends up with the hijacker contacting someone who will serve the demand. Not contacting anyone for more than a week gets us to negate that option. So, the next related possibility is hijack for a purpose like some governments suspected a similar 9/11 in India or other countries. That might be a close possibility. But, there are things to keep in mind when we talk about such a hijack.

First, it is a flight and it went out of contact of anybody’s radar. Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. It is not believable. Either the people behind it were super intellects or it could have been supported by one of the governments. Now that sounds finicky. You never know! It could have been supported by a government and now we have a country to wage a war against. Let us keep it aside for now. Let us say that a network had operated and they succeeded the hijack.

The second point to note is that they will need a run-way to land, to fill in fuel after 6 hours of flying, feed the members on board and most importantly a place to hide the plane as it is not flying now. There could be possibly run ways that are private and could be checked. Reports said that there were Chinese billionaires on board. The situation could be that in a way or another they were involved in supporting these events by will or by force.

Third, in case of a hijack we are sure that the culprit is one of the 239 on board. It could be anyone from the pilot, crew members or the passengers, except the two infants. So we have a possibility to zero it down there. Background checks on all the passengers are not yet complete as they are from different countries and the check has to be speeded up at least now after 10 days. But the main consideration in this case is the whereabouts of the flight and there could be more than a group who would have supported a possible hijack. This case could be an eye-opener for airports that let pass pilots without much scrutiny and on priority. In future, pilots could be recruited as they are being done for the country’s defence forces. It looks very crucial and essential after such cases.

Game developers would have developed a game by now on this missing flight case while we lose more time. The biggest problem in this case is that the officials have not moved ahead towards finding the motive behind this case. While we can do a strategic analysis on what could have happened with the reports coming in to us, it should be the officials and the different countries who should work full-fledged in finding the lives of the members on board. We hope that our people get back safe!!