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Karzai says Afghanistan does not need US troops

Kabul, Mar 16 (): Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai told the United States that its soldiers can withdraw from Afghanistan by this year end as his military that protects 93 per cent of the country could take over the responsibility entirely.

The country’s President while addressing the Parliament for the final time before facing the upcoming General Elections, said that the Afghan military is capable of keeping up the country’s law and order. Karzai stated that the security forces of Afghan have the prospective to protect the country. He said they need no support from any international troops to help them in guarding the country.

In his speech, the Afghan President insisted that the Taliban protesters to take the peace process; he also accused Pakistan for protecting the leadership of Taliban. He suggested Pakistan was after the killing of a Taliban leader who was undertaking the peace process in the start of this year. But, no one took charge for the attack.

Karzai has met with the immense pressure of signing the Bilateral Security Agreement. A council of notables, organised by him to sign the agreement has advised him to sign the pact.

Relations between the United States and Karzai have been seen as downward spiral from the 2009 re—election, in which several other countries including the United States commented it as a widespread fraud. In turn, Karzai blamed them of interference.

The current Afghanistan Parliament also has plans to hold a number of crucial issues, including controversial law on the elimination of violence against women.

All the 10 candidates looking for presidency elections in April 5 have said that they would sign the security agreement.

Karzai became the president of his country in 2001 December, and had last won presidential election in 2009. As per Afghan Constitution, he has to step down from power  and cannot look for a third term.