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Bewakoofiyaan ~ Exclusive Review

Chennai, Mar 16 (): Bewakoofiyaan deals with romance in recession and taking the toll of man’s worst characteristics. The movie stars Sonam Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and is directed by Nupur Asthana.

Modern day fools

The modern day couple dreams of living life with a petty income summed together and living on their credit cards happily ever after. Only that happily ever after is put to and end with recession coming in and Mohit (Ayushmann Khurrana) is let go off by his company.

Luckily Mayera (Sonam Kapoor) is still in love with him but she expects Mohit to ask her father (Rishi Kapoor) for her hand in marriage quoting her pappa from “old school”. Her father is a retired government official who’s keen on getting Mayera married to someone wealthy so that she gets every single wish fulfilled.

However, when reality hits him he puts Mohit under test and expects him to succeed in it if Mohit has to win his approval. Everything goes out of control when Mohit looses his job and lies start building up to cover the prior lies. The movie culminates as expected killing the eagerness to know what happens next.

Quirky Quotes

Mayera: Pappa’s been transferred to Animal Husbandry yaar

Mohit: I know, bechare animals

Mohit (Swears behing Rishi Kapoor once he shuts the door at his face): Bloody Osama

(Sonam comes back scaring him): I love you

Mohit: Ditto


Ayushmaan and Sonam share screen space well and chemistry works out except for a few scenes. Rishi Kapoor does justice to his role playing a retiree and matches expectations as a middle-class father. The recession part and the stress which brings out the worst of people are pictured well.


Though the screenplay goes on without a hindrance, it simply doesn’t have the charisma of a YRF romance. The movie is simply concentric to the three characters and the rest are left hanging even though a few who shared notable screen space.

Worst Rated : 4/ 10

Best Rated   : 4.5/ 10

Bewakoofiyaan ~ Mad(ly) in love