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Pro-Modi media will be jailed: Kejriwal

New Delhi, Mar 15 (): Kejriwal and AAP have entered into a spat with the media after his speech in Nagpur saying that Modi has bought the channels.

Arvind Kejriwal has said that on coming to power he would have the media investigated and send the media men to jail. The situation got aggravated at the AAP briefing when it was referring to four channels- India TV, India News , Times Now and Zee News. These channels have been paid to promote BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi and put false news on Kejriwal was the defense. A video clip of the speech put out by ABP news blew the lid off pro-media stance. With media and political parties going hammer and tongs on his comment, he backtracked saying he has not made the remark.

Of the channels named, Zee News in Hindi and Times Now in English are market leaders. Kejriwal said channels are pro-Modi and not covering the 800 suicide deaths of farmers. They have been forced to sell land for Re 1 to a company. These channels have blacked it out and say Ram Rajya has come, said Kejriwal.

He said that his security cover is under fire but not over Modi’s  ’Z’ cover. Zee News in defense said that it was targeted because it showed a clip in which Kejriwal is asking AAJ TAK anchor to tweak the interview to favour him.

In another video showing him saying that if he had to choose between Mamata and Modi, he would go with the latter. While Kejriwal was in denial mode, his spokespersons took the fight further by naming the pro-Modi channels and saying a report on those who published paid news was suppressed by media house owners’ body.

Ashutosh who was editor of a channel till he joined AAP had no answers to a query as to whether he had any experience during his tenure of his company having taken any money. BJP, Congress and Left have condemned the comment and Indian Broadcasting Foundation too has termed it regrettable.

AAP asked media houses to ask Modi about snoopgate and said that it should show the source of funds used to run the channels without realizing that like any corporate house it has to file IT returns and those listed on stock exchange to SEBI.

Zee News said Kejriwal was angry after it aired a bulletin which picked holes on his paying tributes to dead RTI activists in Gujarat as three of the four named are still alive.