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Holi 2014 : People gearing up to celebrate festival on March 17

Mar 15 (): This year Holi falls on March 17, Monday and so all the market places are already flooding with colours.

Holi, a spring festival also called as festival of colours, is celebrated on the day after the full moon in the mid or late March every year.

Holi celebrations start on the night before Holi with a Holika bonfire where people meet together, sing and dance. The carnival of colours starts the next morning, when all play with colours. They chase each other and colour them with coloured water and dry colour powder. On the Holi day, in the morning hours the streets are filled with people running here and there, shouting, laughing and splashing colours over others.

For the colour fight, people carry with them water guns and balloons filled with coloured water. On Holi day, there is an excuse for the Indians to shed out their shyness and caste differences. Everyone and anyone can take part in the colour game. They take no discrimination in their relation, whether they may be a friend or stranger, man or woman, rich or poor, children or elders.

Apart from the fun we get, it is also very necessary for all to play Holi safe.

Here are a few tips to be followed during Holi:

* Safer colours are red or pink. It looks good as well as can be removed easily from the skin. Colours to be avoided are gaudy purple, orange, green and yellow as they contain more dangerous chemicals.

* Cream face well after and before celebrating Holi with colours. Nails could be protected with a thick nail polish coating. Take care of your hair, by applying more on your hair so that colours do not stick to your hair.

* After the Holi festivity is over, a good shower is all that is needed. Washing your face frequently damages the skin.

* Avoid toxic colours. Do not go near colours if you have skin allergies. Use clean water. Children must only play with water-soluble colours of genuine quality.