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India sets out 3 ships to search missing Malaysia Airlines jet

New Delhi, Mar 14 (): India has offered help in searching the missing Malaysia Airlines plane on Thursday, deploying three aircraft and three ships to the far-off Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Indian navy sources said. The massive sea and air search are in its 5th day, but still the operation has not succeeded to find out any hint of the missing Boeing 777.

A high-ranking navy official in New Delhi said the defence ministry had ordered to search the places nearer to Malaysia and Myanmar than India. They have also positioned planes and vessels to search the eastern part of the islands in the Andaman Sea.

India has officially joined the search tasks for the missing Malaysian airliner on Thursday afternoon, the official said, adding India was working along with Malaysian navy.

Official sources said that the Malaysian authorities had called India requesting for their help in the search operation on Tuesday. Ships and planes from at least ten countries were involved in the search operations from the day the plane went missing and they could not locate the missing aircraft in the waters in the western side of Malacca Straits. The search operations are at present going on over a range of nearly 90,000 square kms.

Thailand and Indonesia have said that their militaries received no indication of any strange aircraft in their airspace. Malaysian officials have now told that the transponder of the plane had stopped functioning during the time the flight controllers had lost communication with it.

Malaysia Airlines said they had last contact with the missing plane when the plane was about 120 nautical miles in South China Sea east of Kota Baru.

Interpol, the international police agency too had rejected the idea that the vanishing of the Malaysia Airlines plane was due to terrorist attack.