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A common man’s view of developed India

I grew up being told that India is a developing country and I was dreaming of India as a developed country by the time I grow up and become an adult. Probably it is too ambitious to think of becoming a developed country in a few years. In history, 100 years look so small. So while it is fine and being considered as one of most upcoming economically developed nations, there are hiccups that make us think about basics that has to be built up on without which we will not move ahead. I present a common man’s views of how India might develop by setting right certain basics.

India is already a powerful country in terms of manpower being the second biggest populated country in the world. The world depends on India’s manpower and skills. Major part of the world’s software Industry has Indians as their brains which include the latest appointment of business executive, Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft. Moreover, the corporate companies of the world are rushing in to set up in India being one of the world’s biggest markets.

Still, the scenes that come in as a picture when I travel across the roads of any major cities in India make me feel horrible. I stop with a red signal and I could see a lot of beggars moving around asking for help. There are some beautiful bridges throughout the country which helps smooth traffic. Under the bridges live the poor and needy as encroachments. When the going gets tough they die of heat waves, cold waves, floods, diseases etc.

A highly populous country and managing the entire population is not easy in a culturally diversified land. Assuming our policies are the best and that we follow when implemented, let us forget politics and businesses of the country for some time and just focus on what is that these people are missing and what could change the situation as a common man.

I was taught in school that the basic needs have to be fulfilled for an average human. Exactly!! These people miss the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter. If we could find a way to solve this problem we cross the biggest hurdle and the mindset of these people are changed for good. Can the government find a way to accommodate them? The central and some of the state governments are already trying to do it.

But our worry is about those people who still manage to live on the roads. Perfect. There come few questions with this policy as this could make people lazy and it is a problem that most of the developed countries face these days by providing basic things including living cost to the needy. Well, there are ways to handle this like imposing compulsory work plan, facilities based on social status etc. Above all there is a big solution which is providing education to the mass.

We are of course adding up a new agenda but it is worth taking the pain. Educate a country and the nation builds by itself. The major objective here is that once education is fed in, they are out of this support system and they will be on their own. If you are thinking of unemployment in your mind, that is a different topic than this. So the more they get educated, the better for them and the society and our issue is eradicated over a period of time. Sounds good but implementing this will be a lot of efforts.

What is being missed here in the above discussion is healthcare. Hell yes! If you don’t offer them healthcare, the whole effort goes in vain. Now if I provide everything free of cost or with a basic cost, why does someone work? What is the motivation to move ahead than to sit and enjoy these basics? Education directly and indirectly will play a role here. People get facilities based on their education and the more educated someone is better are the chances that he realises the importance of work. It is a challenge by itself but not impossible and if it helps us grow as a nation, why not try it? It is much better than having a major chunk of population under the bridges and as beggars. It will be a massive drive and will take a lot of time to get it implemented with changed policies and practises. But it might change the core and it will make a lot of difference to the society and the country.

So we spoke about food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare. Is this only for the needy? No. It has to be for everyone and the money comes from the government and the taxes of people like you and me. Of course, we believe that the taxes will be utilized with due respect to tax payers.

Now, this country which is extremely diversified with culture, religion, languages etc has another basic problem. Discipline among population starting from following rules, following time, Instructions etc. Problems occur because we also have people of different social status like have-not, haves, down-trodden, lower class, lower middle class, upper middle class, upper class etc. I leave the job of segregating classes to Karl Marx and his friends. So a particular message will be perceived by different classes of people differently. The only way to solve this problem is to bring people of different classes together i.e. trying as much as possible to reduce these sects and bring them very close to each other.

Am I talking similar to the Swedish concept of LAGOM? Lagom is a Swedish word for which there is no exact English translation but could be explained as moderate, adequate, just right, balanced etc. Well, yes. I am talking something very similar.

All the above concepts are fine and might sound very good. Who will implement it? It is only the government who is powerful enough to take such steps. NGOs and voluntary organisations can help, support and act as per the government’s instructions. It is about rebuilding the entire basics of a nation and I believe that unless we build them strong, we are not going to move ahead and be tagged as a developed nation in the near future.