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Imaginary People and Real Imaginaries…

Everything in life can be related to philosophy. During my school days my physics and chemistry teachers were fighting between physics and chemistry for everything in life. Let me add philosophy too and add up to the fight. It is very interesting to think about man-made imaginary constraints and components that play a crucial role in life. Let us go straight to the topic.

What are the major man-made imaginary components that affect or enhance lives? Time comes first to my mind. We invented certain “imaginaries” to blame on and Time comes to our remedy most of the times. We created it and made Time rule us. Religion comes next. We are not debating on GOD. Religion is what we are mentioning here. Imaginary invention and we have no clue on the motivation we work up on religion, to create good or bad that is happening around us all over the world in the name of religion.

Boundaries are again imaginary lines invented by man, may be for political or cultural security. We make boundaries, call them equator, longitude, latitude, countries, states, fought over it and achieved little at the end. The point to ponder here is not on the purpose of invention. Of course there were good reasons. But it is about, where we lead ourselves to with those man-made imaginations.

Now having discussed so much about imaginary phenomenon, let us also discuss on what sounds real. Nature and its elements are real. It is not time that heals everything but nature which helps us resolve problems and regain strength. Without nature, there is no Time. Nature records everything that happens around it. No one knows history better than nature and yet it opts to remain silent and let us also leave it like that for the time-being.

In a way, the world has developed so much only to achieve what it had in the past. We might get to a point where we shun them all again and get back to basics. We created imaginary things considering good for us but now we have led us to a path where we value our imaginations more than reality. For us, People are real. Let us value People and Life gets more interesting!!