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Ajith prefers salt-and-pepper look that suits his age

Chennai, Mar 12 (): Ajith Kumar says salt and pepper portrayed in his latest films is not a look for the film alone, but that the look reveals his real self too.

Ultimate Star Ajith Kumar started showing his salt-and-pepper look in his 2011 super hit film Mankatha. He brought in the salt and pepper look in  high style in 2013 hit movie Arrambam. Then, he again stamped the same salt and pepper look in his 2014 Pongal release movie, Veeram. In all the films, Ajith played a middle-aged man character and the salt and pepper look fitted him very well.

After showing such looks in a few movies, fans of Ajith have started loving the majestic salt and pepper look of the actor and it looks Ajith too does not want to change his looks.

After giving a huge hit for this Pongal with Veeram, Ajith is roped in by Gautham Menon for his next project. The buzz trending in Kollywood circles is Ajith might say farewell to his famous salt and pepper look for his next project with Gautham. But, sources say actually Ajith is keen on holding the looks. Apparently, right from the commencement of this new project, he has been clear about holding this style.

The close associates of the actor say Ajith Kumar has decided to only accept roles that suit his age. Considering his age, he knows very well that he can no more play a role of a college student.

An actor can act as per his age, only when he accepts his age and is entirely confident about his looks. If otherwise, the contradictory looks would pull the character off. Actor Ajith Kumar seems to follow the rule.