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BJP boycotts NDTV

New Delhi, Mar 11 (): BJP has decided to stay away from NDTV panel discussions after a tweet was wrongly credited to Sushma Swaraj. This comes close on the heels of Modi backing out from the Headlines Today-FB-NDTV programmes where he had to take questions from guests and FB members.

NDTV online Twitter account credited a tweet to LS Opposition leader Sushma saying that there was no Modi wave. This comment came in the backdrop of reports that Sushma walked out of the BJP central committee meet to finalize the first list of LS candidates. She had objected to the inclusion of tainted persons in the list and merger of BSR congress with BJP.

The top brass overruled and went ahead. She had tweeted her resentment. In view of this, many believed it. BJP in a press note said a channel creating a tweet to hurt it is unprecedented. BJP of late has taken the stance that NDTV is pro-AAP and Congress in terms of coverage. It has been keeping away the top spokespersons from panel discussions.

Barkha Dutt, Editor of NDTV apologized for the error and said it was corrected and not aired on the channel. Barkha baiters went to town raking up the Radia tapes. Prannoy Roy, the founder of the channel was dubbed a commie and anti-Hindu. A video went viral which shows AAP’s Kejriwal telling the TV interviewer after it was over to highlight his comment on Bhagat Singh. He tells the anchor to not play up his anti-private sector stance as middle class will not like it.

The anchor okays all the suggestions from Kejriwal and terms his views as revolutionary. The video ends with the question posted by the person who uploaded it as whether this is media or brokers and is the other a neta. Kejriwal at a rally in Mathura said that Modi usurping farmers’ lands and giving them away to Adani is not news but when he moves to a three-room house it is telecast the whole day.

BJP too has been getting the feeling that AAP management (read manipulation) of media is much better than them.