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Air India cabin crew to go on strike

New Delhi, Mar 11 (): Air India is headed for a strike and disruption of summer schedules. The cabin crew of Air India has refused to go by a circular given by the HR citing various legal cases in progress on the issues raised by the management.

In the last one week, ten cabin crew were sacked by Air India citing late reporting, refusing to ply on certain routes and not turning up for work. The cabin crew association has said that if the management does not cancel the sacking orders, it would give a strike notice to Air India.

The strike would come in summer which sees peak traffic for Air India to destinations abroad. Gulf Indians who depend largely on Air India for travel to India during the summer holidays will be put to difficulty.

Air India has 3000 cabin crew who work on International flights. Air India management says that OTP (on time performance) has declined largely due to late reporting of cabin crew. In turn, the delay in flights leads to passengers shifting preference to private airlines where the rules are strict on reporting for duty.

Cabin crew union says that the loss is not due late flights’ departure but that the top brass are looting the carrier. Air India, the national carrier is largely funded by the exchequer. It is plagued by trade unionism. Air India’s flagship aircraft Dreamliner which was giving good revenue was hit by technical snags.

Spice- Jet’s request for additional 40,000 seats in the Gulf sector has come as relief to the civil aviation ministry which is facing flak for sanctioning additional seats to Etihad, the Middle East airlines at the cost of Air India.

Spice Jet’s demand for more seats is to Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The demand is three times more than the present international operations of Spice Jet and it would require at least 17 narrow-bodied aircrafts. More additional capacity to Middle-East carriers has hit Air India since eighty percent of the international flights it operates are to Europe, North America and Middle East.