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Holi celebrations begin with Lathmar festivities

New Delhi, Mar 10 (): Festival of colours Holi kick-started with Lathmar Holi on Sunday, March 9th in the famous Radha temple in Barsana, 115 kilometres away from New Delhi.

Thousands of people had gathered to watch Lathamaar Holi festival of Barsana that marks the start of the colourful festival. At this Lathmar Holi festival, the Barsana women wait with long wooden sticks in their hands to beat men from the village of Nandgaon, Lord Krishna’s hometown.

Barsana village men poured coloured water over Nandgaon village men from Radha or Ladali temple’s roof before the parade for Lathmar Holi celebrations start.

This specific tradition hints back the legend happenings when Lord Krishna went to see his lady-love Radha on this same day. Lord Krishna teased Radha as well as her friends. On seeing this, the village women chased him out of the village. Hence, this tradition allows women to give a blow to their men for this one day. To reform the legend event, Krishna’s village Nandgaon men visit Barsana village of Radha, in turn they would be welcomed by the village women with abuses and sticks.

The unique spectacle of the festival is that the Barsana village women enjoy the show-down as they have the full liberty to beat the men. Apart from colour and the glory the Holi festival offers, this unique action offers a splendid show for the sightseers too. The men are even forced to wear a female dress and dance in public. On Sunday, the big gathering of people sang and danced as they participated in the Holi celebrations of Lathmaar at the Sriji temple.

The next day, Barsana men take the turn. They visit Nandgaon village and soak the women of Nandgaon. On this day, Nandgaon village women beat the men from Barsana. This is a colourful site and is the spirit of Holi festival.