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Do you have the same problem with Customer Care Centers??

This article is not about a particular sector but problems for a common man in his daily life and customer care in many cases adds up to the problem than solving it. Not many would have experienced solutions from customer care on certain issues or on issues where one really needs support after buying a product or a service from that company. Let me be clear that I am not targeting customer care centers but only looking towards highlighting that a solution is essential as it happens across sectors.

There is this airline company which was grounded almost a year ago. Well, most of us know the name of this company by now. Passengers who booked tickets with them just before it was grounded got the cancellation notice on time but not the money. They are yet to get the money back, if they have directly booked it through the airline website and by now we know that this money is not going to come back to them. Customer care officers were promising the money until their operations were completely closed only with the intention that these passengers will never get to know their faces over the phone. Nor did the company take steps to contact the customers. Did the company not have enough money? That’s a different story.

Popular Telecommunication companies in India deliver a lot of excellent services without doubt. There are also glitches like once in a while you will be bulldozed by a lot of calls from the customer care for a bill amount that you have already paid. Just because it was not updated in their system and they were instructed to follow a protocol they keep on reminding you even after your sending multiple mails, 24 hours within the first remainder call with proofs of payment.

Taxi services and their customer care centers make your blood boil often. You have an important meeting; you decided to go by a taxi and you booked for it well in advance and got your confirmations. It stops there with confirmations but no taxi reaching on the stipulated time. Now, you are already nervous about making it to the important meeting on time. You call the customer care to realize that the cab was sent for another pick-up by mistake and that the officer will try his best to get another cab if possible. You get angry and tend to shout at the officer and the officer decides to curtail the call and be at peace. How many of you have faced this situation at least once? I have faced it many times. Thankfully these days the taxi services are sensible not to make a mistake for airport dropping services. What a sigh of relief!!

There are many other examples like in banking sectors, house gas lines, electricity, internet etc. The customer care centers are not to be mainly blamed here. Mostly, they are outsourced and they have their limitations with the service providing companies. The parent companies are the ones who are responsible. It is ultimately not the company, not the customer care which gets affected. The customer gets affected in most of the cases.

So what is the problem in getting such issues resolved or compensated? Mistakes happen for sure but if someone gets affected and the problem is worth taking care of, he has to be compensated definitely. The problem here is, there is no provision to get your complaint registered other than to get registered with the company itself.

But the actual problem is that this company does not bother – either there is no next level or we do not know the next level. Well, I know what you are thinking now. Not every common man could afford to approach the court and stand for it for a very long time. That is not a feasible solution for many of us. Yes, still there are many who could stand it and has approached the court for the airline story mentioned in this article. Yet, the problem remains the same as they have not got their money back and indeed spent more than what they have already lost with the airline company.

I am not going to offer a solution simply because I don’t think that there are solutions to this problem now. The ideal solution could be a platform that belongs to the government that will help resolve issues without too much of procedures and a defined time frame. It could be from the local municipality or town office or is there already a solution that you have found which works out?