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We should learn from Japan!!

A recent travel from Copenhagen till Malmö through the beautiful Oresund’s Bridge was irritating because of a co-passenger who was chatting on the hand phone for a very long time. It used to be one of the pleasant journeys for me as I enjoy the 8 Km ride through the award-winning dual carriageway bridge tunnel between Sweden and Denmark. This time though it was a little annoying and I could not move away to other bogeys as the train was crowded with people returning back home from work.

Talking over the phone at public places becomes a nuisance sometimes especially when it prolongs for hours together. Do you know that people in Japan do not talk over the phone while travelling in trains? Yes, it is true and considered to be rude to talk on the phone inside the train. I recently called up a Japanese colleague of mine and hung up for a no answer. He called me back in a few hours to apologize and explain that he was in the train. What manners to learn!!

Japan teaches us a lot as a country. The world, except Japan would not have imagined of such a development and massive growth after World War II. When Akio Morita of Sony produced his first transistor, it was much bigger than the transistor that used to be in Europe or USA. In a few years, Sony was competing with the EU and the United States producing better transistors than before. After the Second World War, Japan as a country united together to move in one direction to see the much developed Japan that we have today with no compromise on quality. We should of course learn from them to move ahead with a common goal as a team, as a country.