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BJP worried over rush to join party

New Delhi, Mar 8 (): BJP is facing an influx of leaders from regional and national parties and some of them have a tainted past. Most of these leaders are those who have not got tickets or want to be with a party that is likely to form the ministry.

The rush is mainly due to opinion polls that put BJP ahead of Congress and Third Front in forming the Union ministry. BJP got a prize catch as TDP founder NTR’s daughter Purandeswari joined the party. She was a Union minister. Her husband Daggubatti is MLA in Andhra Pradesh.

UP’s senior leader Pal who quit Congress and MP post, joined BJP as he was denied a ticket. Yet another entrant  from UP is Kaiserganj MP Saran Singh of SP. Palama, MP of JMM in Jharkhand, Baitha joined BJP. Yadav MP of Patalaiputra was about to join BJP as RJD’s Lalu gave the seat to his daughter. The rebellion was however aborted.

NTR’s two son-in-laws – Naidu and Daggubatti (husband of Purandeswari) were behind the TDP success story and when Naidu revolted against NTR and took control, Daggubtti and wife joined Congress. The wife became Union minister and husband became State minister.

Though these entrants are good for BJP, a few applicants have Advani, Sushma and Venkaiah Naidu worried. Sharma whose son Manu Sharma is sentenced for murder of Jessica Lal was an ex-Union Minister in UPA who joined NDA partner HJC, a breakaway faction of Congress in Haryana led by Kuldeep Bishnoi.

The BJP Central Parliamentary Board in today’s meet will discuss this issue.