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Sheila Dikshit faces jibe from Kerala actress-CPM

Kochi, Mar 7 (): Sheila Dikshit’s appointment as Kerala Governor has been ridiculed by actor Rima Kalingal and has invited Congress student body ire.

Rima Kalingal, the actress noted for her bindass style of acting in intimate scenes posted on FB that girls in media should reach home by evening as Sheila Dikshit is appointed as Governor.

This sparked a reaction from KSU the Congress wing on FB that an actress who acted in most of the films in her undergarments has no right to take on Sheila Dikshit. A person like Sheila Dikshit who has done wonders to Delhi does not deserve such comments from an actress who is in a live-in relationship with her current husband, a film director.

In support of Rima, Rajesh, MP of CPM came out on FB. Politically Sheila Dikshit’s role in Kerala politics is important as Congress UDF is facing a threat from allies to bring it down. On the Left front it is facing threat from ally RSP on seat-sharing.

As all these issues would finally land up at the Governor’s table and with Pranab Mukherjee as President the going should be going for the Congress.

AAP Kerala unit has decided to stage black flag demonstration at all functions that Sheila Dikshit attends. Now Congress will have to counter these agitations by AAP. Legally Sheila Dikshit also faces immunity from corruption charges that AAP is claiming to file.

Sheila Dikshit’s sojourn in Thiruvananthapuram’s Kawdiar’s Raj Bhavan will not be peaceful, says AAP. Meanwhile AAP has decided to field journalist Anita Pratap from Ernakulam LS seat.

Usually, Governors step down when the Union ministry that appoints them change and if BJP comes to power, Sheila Dikshit’s stay in Kerala could be decided by May end.