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Is it Imagination or Foresight?

They say “History repeats itself”. Every market has a demand, supply and equilibrium. After equilibrium, demand and supply take their respective inverse routes. Looking at the way the cities and towns are being converted to apartments, and developers fast encroaching more open spaces into buildings and IT parks with no breathing space at some locations, there arises an imagination. Eureka!!

Agriculture and villages are considered to be the backbone of India. Is it still true? If yes, we are losing our backbone. There are meagre people wanting to do agriculture these days either due to lack of government support, power problems, water shortage or there are better earnings in other jobs. Farmers lose their lives to poverty.

Software industry was till recently considered to be a highly paid job in India but the situation has changed now and it looks to be out of equilibrium in many cases. There are a lot of software engineers passing out from universities than required.

Oh! Did I not mention my imagination? Here it is. In the near future, we will get into a situation where lands will be purchased, converted for agricultural use and corporate farming companies will be hiring farmers with a very high pay. Every apartment owner will be willing to sell his property to these companies for high value compensations. Sounds good, isn’t it? Agriculture, sustainability and recycling will be the biggest trends in the future.